Musical notes for your shoes


When we travel the easiest solution for packing shoes is a plastic bag... however, we can make our own in quick, simple and economic. We need 50cm of fabric; 10cm of felt and 1m of satin ribbon or organza.

Although the tutorial is for a shoe bag,  it may have different uses, if we change the designs for a  child we  will then have one snack bag for children.

So, roll up your sleeves  and  get down to the job..  Off we start step by step  with this musical  shoe bag.

We cut 2 rectangles of 40cm x 30cm approx. and we cut all the pieces from the stencil

We fix, with pins, the 5 strip that  will form the  stave for the music bar , we tack ( it is recommended to always tack if you  don't have much  experience with the sewing machine) and backstitch  with the sewing machine all  along.

Then we add the notes, we tack and backstitch all around the border.

Afterwards, we place the last piece of felt.

In the upper  top corners (front right and back left of the bag) we mark the buttonholes and we  sew them with the sewing machine, according to the distance indicated in the picture.

We can  sew them by hand  as per the  stitches shown in the picture.

We join the two rectangles with a french  seam. To do this we will place the right sides of the fabric together, we tack the two laterals and  the lower  edge. We  then backstitch the three sides at 0,5cm  from the edge.

We turn the inside of the bag out (so the right sides of the fabric are on the outside),  and  backstitch (or sew with the machine) again  at 7mm.  around the three edges, this will give you an enclosed seam with no raw edges.

In the upper part we make a hem by folding the fabric 4,5cm and we make another fold in the lower part of 0,5cm. We tack

We backstitch the lower fold  of the bag .

To introduce the ribbon, wput a safety pin in one end of the ribbon  holding the other end tightly.

We pull the safety pin through one buttonhole and we slip the ribbon through until we reach the other buttonhole  where we will take the ribbon out .

With simple steps  we made this genuine, different and useful  shoe bag ... or holiday laundry bag ... or a sock and tights bag .... or  .... ;)

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