One pattern only, three different pants styles !

Following your requests to make a tutorial about pants patterns, I thought I'd better came up with more than one, but the first one should be special. 
I had to think about  who it would be to, a boy or a girl. After thinking about it for a while, I decided on a unisex pattern, but (there is always a but) I could only think up patterns for girls, and as I am so very stubborn and want to do everything right, I thought that with a single pattern we could get... 3 designs!In the picture below you can see the results. The pattern includes 3 lengths.
1.- Normal with decorative strips at the bottom and a heart-shaped knee patch. ( unisex)
2.- Small ruffles.
3.- Big ruffles with bobbin or cotton lace.
The tutorial include sizes:
* 6-12 months
* 12-18 months
* 2 years
* 3 years
* 4 years
* 5 years
* 6 years
You can download  it right away, from the shop