One pattern only, three different pants styles !

Following your requests to make a tutorial about pants patterns, I thought I'd better came up with more than one, but the first one should be special. 
I had to think about  who it would be to, a boy or a girl. After thinking about it for a while, I decided on a unisex pattern, but (there is always a but) I could only think up patterns for girls, and as I am so very stubborn and want to do everything right, I thought that with a single pattern we could get... 3 designs!In the picture below you can see the results. The pattern includes 3 lengths.
1.- Normal with decorative strips at the bottom and a heart-shaped knee patch. ( unisex)
2.- Small ruffles.
3.- Big ruffles with bobbin or cotton lace.
The tutorial include sizes:
* 6-12 months
* 12-18 months
* 2 years
* 3 years
* 4 years
* 5 years
* 6 years
You can download  it right away, from the shop

Things to do Today


I mentally make a list of things I have got to do during the day and I usually forget half of them...

So I've decided to make my own list of: "Things to do" !

So as not to repeat myself I designed 3 lists with designs from my own collection of paper dolls and I'm delighted to share them with you.

To download it just click here

Celebrating Spring !


We celebrate this wonderful time of year with a 20% discount on all sewing tutorials, visit the store ;) (only until April 30).

Cushion design inspired by nature


Now that we are in spring and summer is close, it is a good time to make these two cushion designs inspired by nature. I`m sure they will add a decorative touch to any corner of your house giving it a fresh new touch.

You can download the tutorial to make the cushion with the flowers design for free following this link

In order to make the elegant cushion with design you can access  the shop and download it right away.

Musical notes for your shoes


When we travel the easiest solution for packing shoes is a plastic bag... however, we can make our own in quick, simple and economic. We need 50cm of fabric; 10cm of felt and 1m of satin ribbon or organza.

Although the tutorial is for a shoe bag,  it may have different uses, if we change the designs for a  child we  will then have one snack bag for children.

So, roll up your sleeves  and  get down to the job..  Off we start step by step  with this musical  shoe bag.