Interview for "Hechoconmismanos"

1. Introduce yourself to all Hechoconmismanos´ readers. Your name, where you come from, hobbies, studies, and something interesting that you would like to tell us. 

My name is Victoria Polo, I am spanish and although I was brought up in Sevilla as my origins are andalusian, I was born in Tenerifeand I returned 4 years ago. I have been involved in the world of design for more than 20 years now, part of it as a craftwoman . I have trained and given craftwork and fashion accesories workshops and this is where the idea of "The World of Patterns" was born: a new project, let's say a new birth, where I devote many hours preparing tutorials but they give me (no comma) more satistaction because this allows me to do 2 fundamental things: designand teach.

2. How did you start in this craftwork world? Are you self-taught or did you study?

Since I was a child, I always loved to create, then when I was thirteen, my mother (bless her!) had the good idea to enroll me in a cut and tailoring school(This doesn't translate well: 'tailoring or fashion school' ?) and without realising it, this led me to the world of creativity... Years later I registered in a Design and Fashion academy, I did different courses, all related to craftwork and FPO (what's FPO?) in restoration and preservation of furniture. I also havea self-taught side as I have always enjoyed doing "research" with different materials and try my own technics. 

3. What do you think of the relation between Internet and craftwork?

Well, I can't see a better pairing ... Internet is helping to put crafwork where it deserves to be, it is opening a market and starting to value many hours ofwork. Also, it gives the opportunity to work without middlemen and when there are costs, these are lower, so it helps artisans quite a lot. You are a clearexample.

4. Thank you. Do you believe you can make a good living with craftwork?

Personally, I think it is possible, if you give good products, good in both materials and finishings, I am sure that it is possible to make a living out of craftwork. I am not saying it is easy but if you are convinced that this is what you want to do, and you work hard and fight for it, you can succeed.

5. This and put love in everything you do. ¿What would you say to all people who are reading us?

To all artisans starting now: don´t give up, don´t get discouraged if results are slow, you have to be patient and if this is your dream, never stop fightingfor it. To those interested in acquiring some craftwork but are not sure, remind them that every handicraft is unique and genuine and behind it are many working hours, lots of love, effort and care. This is what makes it really different, very different from mass production, you are not only getting an article, you are getting much more...
And to all  people who like seeing handicraft saying they don´t have a creative side, I would just like to tell them that they are mistaken... creativity is a huge scale, it is a must to bring you happiness so I really doubt that somebody is born without it, it is just necessary to look inside yourselfFurthermore,don't we say that 'God created man in His own image and likeness.?  and isn´t he also called "The Creator"

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